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You may be wondering, What is Sim-Helper? 

Sim-Helper is your online hub iRacing leagues, special events and much more.

Our goal is to provide fun and competitive racing for Sim-Racers all across the globe. On top of this we also are dedicated to providing online software to help streamline your Sim-Racing experience. Our innovative league manager tool allows league owners to manage every aspect of their league on a single easy to use webpage. This eliminates a ton of confusion for members and allows for more emphasis on racing and less time spent answering questions on discord. 

On top of all this Sim-Helper provides in depth season long statistics for leagues, a database of all past events and broadcasts, and overall driver stats. We are constantly improving the functionality of the site and we are open to any and all feature recommendations.

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Sim-Helper Race Name 1

Track Name Speedway

Series: Cup

Fixed Setups

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