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iRacing Sporting Code: All drivers are expected to know and follow the iRacing Sporting code (when applicable), especially in terms of conduct..

The full iRacing sporting code can be found here: ]iRacing Sporting Code -


Drivers Meeting: Austeam Racing officials may choose to hold a Drivers meeting after qualifying, these normally explain preferred pit lane entry and exit and blend in lines or any track or game related explanations.


Austeam Racing may publish supplementary bulletins and/or make announcements during the Drivers Meeting. These bulletins and announcements carry the full weight of the rules.


Voice Chat: All drivers are required to have voice chat enabled so they can hear the Race Control channel (Admins), but are not required to own a mic.


Fast Repair: For both Busch & Winston Series, Austeam Racing do not issue any fast repairs, this is to mimic real racing conditions and repair times.


Incident Limit: There is an incident limit in effect for all Austeam Racing Races. The limit will be 10 for a pit lane drive through or stop and hold and 25 for a Race Disqualification. (This means if a driver reaches 10 and then 20 incident points during a race, they will receive 2 stop and go penalties, when they get to 25 they will receive a Disqualification from the race)


Stop and Hold: Drivers will be given a Stop & Hold penalty when they reach the number of incidents 10 for Austeam racing events (actual incident count will depend on allowable settings in iRacing).


Disqualified Drivers due to Incident Cap: Drivers who are disqualified will be given a non-classified finishing position.


Incident cap not set up: If for any reason the published incident cap is not “on” in the server, it is still “in effect”. Any driver who reaches the incident cap will be retroactively disqualified on the lap they incurred the final incident to meet the threshold.


Blue Flags/Lapped Traffic: Blue flags in Austeam Racing are advisory only. That said, drivers receiving the blue flag are asked to not excessively hinder the leading drivers, or take unnecessary risks while letting them pass. Further, the overtaking driver should also show patience and not ‘force the issue’ in low percentage moves. Incidents involving blue flags will be heavily scrutinized.


Cautions: Full course cautions will be on for all oval races, with the ‘lucky dog’ and “wave around” options enabled.


Netcode Incidents: (ie. there is no visible contact between the cars, but one or more cars “behaves” as if there was). It will first be determined if the netcode system falsely predicted the contact or whether the netcode system predicted the contact early. For incidents where the contact was falsely predicted there will not be a penalty. For incidents where the contact was predicted early, there may be a penalty


Note: Claiming that “it was netcode” is not a legitimate defense in the vast majority of collisions. It is the responsibility of drivers to be aware that there are varying connection speeds and qualities and to leave sufficient room to other cars so as to not trigger the collision detection code in iRacing.




Weather Settings: The weather for each event will be “weather realistic / dynamic sky” based on a date/time specified in the race.


Track State Settings: The Track State for every race will be the same, starting at 0% when the race day practice begins, and rolling over through the start of the race itself. including qualifying when applicable. Marbles will be cleaned off in the transition from practice to the race, and in the case of oval races, will be cleaned during caution periods.




Officials: Any Officials in the Austeam Racing Busch & Winsron Series will be in place primarily to keep the peace. They will document incidents they believe should be ruled on post-race. They will mute any driver who engages in voice or text chat abuse. They have the power to red flag an event in the case of a significant server issue. Remember Austeam Racing Officials may also be Racing so if at any point they need to step out of the car to resolve any issues during a League Race, more serious action may take place the following week before the next League event.


Clearing Black Flags: For the sake of consistency, black flags will not be cleared in any Austeam Racing “Busch Series” Race by the Admins or Officials in place.



Protests: If a driver feels that they are the victim of a rules infraction, they (or their team owner) have the option to file a protest with the Officials. Only those immediately involved in an incident may file a protest. This may happen both during and after the event.


POST-Race Protest: Drivers must file their protest via our Protest Form explaining the incident, if requested to send in a copy of your replay you can submit this with an attachment of the iRacing replay file (*.rpy). However, only if requested as you have already submitted the lap number of the incident.


Post Race protests must be submitted within 24 hours of the end of the event in question.


First Lap / Last Lap Incidents: The first and last laps of all races for which complete replay files are available will be reviewed for protestable infractions.


Protestable Infractions: The below infractions are what “can” be protested. Typically an infraction will not be penalized (or even known of) without a protest. Note that a single incident may include multiple infractions.


Start/Restart Infractions: Drivers are to be sure to adhere to general start and restart rules; including maintaining tight formation, and not attempting to ‘jump’ other drivers by creating gaps or getting runs. Further, drivers need to maintain their respective lanes until past the Start/Finish line when applicable.


Pit Road Infractions: Drivers are to adhere to general pit road rules; including driving in the correct lanes, maintaining the proper pit road speed, and not driving through more than 1 pit stall before or after their own.



Causing a Yellow (Oval): In the case of oval races where full-course cautions are enabled, any incident that causes a yellow flag to be displayed.


Insufficient Minimum Speed/Quality: All drivers are expected to meet the minimum requirements for both speed, and driving quality. Drivers may be penalized for not maintaining a safe minimum speed or for erratic driving, whether because of vehicle damage or otherwise.


Avoidable Contact: Any contact with another car that does not fall under normal racing conditions (ie bump drafting) may be considered ‘avoidable’. While racing is a contact sport, contact that adversely affects other racers can be grounds for a penalty.


Position/Time Gain: Gaining either time or position over another driver by making contact with them. Specifically, contact that results in the opportunity to improve position where no opportunity existed before.


Passing Below the Yellow Line: Drivers may find themselves below the yellow line during the race however we have a no passing under the yellow line ruling to gain position.


Abuse of Track Limits: While the sim has built in penalties for cutting the track, Officials may also penalize drivers that use more than the accepted racing surface to gain either time or position. Examples are going off course to carry more speed off of a corner, or going to the apron to pass another driver on an oval.


Frivolous Protests or Appeals: Drivers submitting protests or appeals deemed frivolous.


Loss of Control: Car-to-car contact that results in loss of control of the affected driver(s). This includes things such as spinning, or going off track via said contact.


Unsafe Entry: Entering back onto the racing surface in an unsafe manner, whether from pit lane or from off the track.


Blocking: Making more than one move for defensive position AND/OR making reactionary moves in response to an attacking driver.

Note: Lane changes are normal in Superspeedway races and are not considered a “blocking” maneuver.


Social Media Behavior: Conduct on social media platforms (iRacing forums, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc) that is deemed detrimental to the Majors league and/or it’s members and associates


Chat Abuse: Both voice and text chat must remain civil at all times. Use of profanity or other offensive chat towards another driver will be grounds for a penalty. Further, it is common courtesy to generally keep the airwaves clear during a race, and reserve constant communication to private channels.


Retaliation: Austeam Racing has zero tolerance for retaliatory acts on course. Regardless of the situation, a driver that retaliates against another driver for an incident will be suspended from the league for a minimum of 2 races.


Intentional and/or Egregious Infractions: If, in committing an infraction, the action(s) of the driver(s) is deemed to be intentional and/or egregious in nature then the driver will be excluded from the results of the race and may receive a minimum 1 race ban. Bump drafting is considered intentional contact.




Determination of Fault for Incidents: The first step in determining what penalty, if any, will be levied for an infraction is to determine who is at fault.


More than one driver can be determined to be "at fault" in any incident involving two or more cars. Fault may be assigned to one, both, many or no driver/s depending on the facts surrounding the incident.


When two or more cars make contact with each other, the Competition Committee will review the incident and look at each vehicles involvement.


The Competition Committee will consider the events leading up to impact, the impact itself, and the results of the impact for each individual involved. Primarily it will consider and look for actions that are outside accepted fair and reasonable racing guidelines. It will look for actions that may be considered excessive, aggressive or outside acceptable driving standards or practices that have contributed to the overall incident. Other factors that may be subjectively considered are, but not limited to:


•position of each car

•speed of each car

•angle entry to corner/s of each car involved


•position on the track of each car

•input by each driver or lack thereof (throttle, brake, steering)

•track layout

•likelihood of success

•racing room



•situational awareness

•reaction time


•where contact occurred in relation to other cars on track

•where contact occurred on other cars

•the results of contact

•the outcome of contact to all cars involved[/td]


Each individuals % of fault is then determined and this will determine what, if any, penalty will be applied.




Appeals: If a driver feels that they have been improperly penalized, they have the option to file an appeal.


POST-Race Appeals: Drivers must email Austeam Racing to appeal a penalty.


An iRacing replay file (*.rpy) must be attached for the appeal to be considered. Please ensure you provide the series in the subject line (Busch / Winston etc)



Rule infraction citation:

Driver(s) involved:

Description of the events:


Post Race appeals must be submitted within 24 Hours of receiving the penalty. Officials will respond with their acknowledgement to inform that they have received the request, and will respond with the decision, and as needed amendment inside of 72 hours.


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