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1. Blazing Pedals League Rules







This document is to establish a baseline set of rules for drivers and admins to abide

when racing in any session bearing the name of Blazing Pedals

Text highlighted in blue is newly edited/added rules

Text highlighted in yellow is especially important rules


1. League Acceptance, Protocols, and Charters

2. Qualifying Rules

3. Race/Lobby Rules

4. Penalties

5. Protests/Disputes

6. Admin Protocol/Rule Changes

7. Points System

8. Stage Racing

9. Tire Limits

10. Intentional Wrecking Policy

11. Incident Point Deductions/Limits


1. League Acceptance, Protocols, and Charters

1.1. League acceptance is handled by the League Admittance admin

1.2. An Oval license of C class or above is required for acceptance into the


1.3. If an applicant is accepted they are expected to follow the rules and

guidelines set by this document in any event that bears the name of BPL

1.4. All decisions made by the League Admittance admin can be overturned if

the applicant reapplies

1.5. Once accepted into the league, the purchase of a charter will be required

to race.

1.6. The price for a charter is $35.

1.7. If issues arise with a driver, then BPL admins will follow the protocol

below in order to resolve the issues:

1.7.1. Driver will be warned by admins

1.7.2. Charter owner (if not driver) will be warned by admins

1.7.3. Driver (or charter owner) will be issued a final warning.


1.7.4. Driver is removed from the league, and if the driver was not the

owner of the charter, then the charter owner forfeits that charter to BPL

with no refund.


2. Qualifying Rules

2.1. Starting positions will be decided by 2-lap single car qualifying runs within

a 10 minute session

2.2. Drivers must give 100% effort into turning the fastest lap possible

2.2.1. If a driver is believed to have been sandbagging their qualifying

lap times, then their lap can be protested

2.2.2. After receiving the protest, Admins will decide whether said driver

was sandbagging or if they truly messed up their lap, and penalties may

be given and will be final


2.3. EOL’s will never be granted at the start of a race after qualifying, unless a

penalty was given post-race and is to be assessed on race start


3. Race/Lobby Rules

3.1. Starts and restarts are on the leader, the leader has lane choice.

3.1.1. No passing or changing lanes before the start finish line This includes the leader and any cars single file at the rear

of the field, no “floating up” towards the wall if you are supposed to

be on the inside line On tracks that allow drivers to “use the apron”, drivers

must remain above the white/yellow lines on starts/restarts

3.1.2. No falling more than two car lengths behind the car in front of you

3.1.3. No brake checking/stuttered starts

3.2. Black Flags will not be cleared, unless;

3.2.1. A wrecked car was unable to catch up to the field and you are

given a passing under yellow

3.2.2. Going down pit road to avoid a wreck

3.2.3. All cleared black flags will be reviewed, and if a driver is found to

be abusing the above they will be penalized

3.3. Scrubbing tires is allowed, however:

3.3.1. If you hit someone while scrubbing tires penalties may be incurred

at the discretion of the admins

3.3.2. If you fall more than two car lengths behind the car in front of you

on a race start or restart penalties may be incurred at the discretion of the



3.4. Retaliation within reason is acceptable, intentional wrecking someone

or disrupting the race for multiple drivers is unacceptable and penalties will

be incurred at the discretion of the admins

3.5. The race will end under caution there will be no race to the line


3.6. There will be 3 attempts at a Green-White-Checkered, no more, no less.

3.7. Admins reserve the right to set restarts to single file

3.8. Attempts at intentionally bringing out a yellow flag will face penalties at

the discretion of the admins

3.9. If you are spun down the track you are required to lock your brakes and

attempt to stay down the track

3.10. You must catch up to the field under caution

3.10.1. Sort any position changes when you are caught up to the field

3.10.2. Passing under yellow blacks will be cleared any attempt to abuse

this rule will be penalized


3.11. No passing under the inside yellow line at Daytona and Talladega

3.12. Pit Road Rules:

3.12.1. All incoming traffic must stay to the outside lane

3.12.2. You must remain in the outside lane until you are 4 pit stalls away

from your own

3.12.3. You cannot pass on pit road unless a car in front is significantly off


3.12.4. All pit road violations should be protested to the admins

3.13. Reasonable blocking is acceptable however aggressive blocking of a

faster car will result in penalties at the admins discretion

3.14. Lapped cars must yield to lead-lap cars unless they are racing for

position/lucky dog

3.15. Vehicles that are incapable of reaching pit road cannot be assisted in

crossing the start/finish line at the end of the race

3.15.1. Assisting a disabled driver in finishing a race will result in penalties

for all drivers involved


3.16. In any practice session if you are going to return to the pits either drive

there or pull all the way off the track and reset DO NOT stop on track, especially

for Sunday practices before the race

3.17. If a driver’s car is stuck in the wall, and in an attempt to pull the car off the

wall the driver causes an accident resulting in a caution, the caution will be the

fault of said driver


4. Penalties

4.1. Race Control will review all incidents after they happen. If an incident is

deemed to be your fault, you will be given a strike and the corresponding penalty

for the amount of strikes you have.

4.1.1. Strike 1: EOL

4.1.2. Strike 2: Black Flag

4.1.3. Strike 3: Parked for remainder of race


4.2. If admins can not find someone at fault for the incident in a reasonable

amount of time it will be deemed as a racing incident and the cars involved will

be given EoL’s but no strike will be awarded.

4.3. If an admin can tell beyond a reasonable doubt that a driver brought out a

caution on purpose, two strikes will be assessed to the driver and a post race

review will be conducted to determine if more disciplinary action is needed.

4.4. All penalties will be given out after lead lap cars have pitted.

4.5. If you are parked for the race, you have two passes of pit road to pull off

the track after that you will be disqualified and will receive no points for the race.

4.6. If you argue after a call has been made you will be chat muted for the

remainder of the race. Always treat officials with respect.

4.7. All penalties are subject to change at the discretion of the admins

4.8. All penalties given by the admins are final and indisputable


5. Protests/Disputes

5.1. All protests must be filled to the proper admin within 24 hours of the

completion of the race

5.2. Protests will be treated as caused cautions unless otherwise deemed by

the admins

5.3. Protests are reserved for rule violations and intentional wrecking that

does not bring out a yellow flag

5.4. Protests that are filed must contain the following

5.4.1. Car number of drivers in question

5.4.2. Rule violation/Brief Description of situation in question

5.4.3. Lap number and location on track


6. Admin Protocol/Rule Changes

6.1. Admins reserve the right to change the rules of the league at any time

and for any reason along as a majority vote is reached

6.2. Admins can participate/not participate in any vote

6.2.1. Admins are expected to remove themselves from votes for

incidents involving themselves or a teammate unless a tie-breaking vote

is needed


6.3. Any rule change or penalty given is done by admin majority vote

6.4. Any rule change or penalty given by the admins is final and indisputable

6.5. All admins must also follow the rules formed by this document

6.6. Any admin who is deemed unfit to serve their role can and will be voted

out by the other admins this includes the league owner


7. Points System

7.1. This league will run a 1 for 1 points system

7.1.1. 1st place will receive 43 points, 2nd will receive 42 points so on so



7.2. Bonus Points awarded for the following

7.2.1. (1 point) Pole Position

7.2.2. (1 point) Fastest Race Lap

7.2.3. (1 point) Lap Led

7.2.4. (1 point) Biggest Mover Must turn a lap time within 1 second of the pole time in

order to be eligible for Biggest Mover bonus points


7.2.5. (3 points) 0x 100% race completion

7.2.6. (2 points) Most laps led

7.3. When a driver is eliminated from the playoffs, the driver’s points will be

reset to the value they would have been, had said driver not made the playoffs


8. Stage Racing

8.1. Stages will end 4 seconds after the END of the stated lap. Remain

racing until the flag comes out. Do NOT stop after crossing the line.

8.2. Points will be awarded at the end of each “Stage”.

8.2.1. 10 points for 1 st

8.2.2. 9 points for 2 nd

8.2.3. 8 points for 3 rd

8.2.4. Ect.


9. Tire Limits

9.1. All races have tire limits. The Number of tire changes will be on the

schedule or announced before the race

9.1.1. “Tire changes” consists of ANY tire changes whether you change

one or all four.

9.1.2. Extra sets will carry a penalty of 15 points per change and place

the driver last place on his lap. (This is to ensure there are no attempts to

cheat the system to get into the chase)


10. Intentional Wrecking Policy

10.1. Intentional wrecks are tracked across seasons and do not reset # of times

found guilty of intentional wrecking


1 st - 17 point deduction; EOL Black Flag

2 nd - 34 point deduction; sit next race

3 rd - League Removal


11. Incident Point Deductions/Limits

11.1. For every 1 incident points acquired over the course of a season 1

championship point will be deducted from your total

11.2. For each track, a driver will have a maximum amount of incident points

they can receive before getting disqualified from that race, and the amount will be

determined by the track type/length:

11.2.1. Short Tracks: 20 Incident Points

11.2.2. 1mile-1.4miles: 16 Incident Points

11.2.3. 1.5 miles and up: 12 Incident Points

11.2.4. Superspeedways and Road Courses: No Limit






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