G-Force Grand National Series

Official rulebook

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Driver Rules

  • In each race drivers will have 3 sets of tires in the pits to use at anytime. This means you can only change tires three times. No fast repairs.

  • The lucky dog and wave arounds will also be available to cars that are a lap down when the caution comes out. All cautions will be called by iracing, there will be no exceptions.

  • Drivers will have a incident limit of 30. Exceeding that limit will get you disqualified from the race.

  • The initial start of the race is dictated by the green flag thrown by iracing. All restarts will be dictated by the leader who can go anytime after the pace car leaves the racing surface.

  • All restarts outside of 10 laps to go will be double file and the leader will have lane choice. Restarts inside of 10 laps to go will be single file. This series will utilize one GWC restart if needed at the end of races.

  • Drivers may not change lanes before they cross the start finish line on any start or restart. You are expected to remain behind the car in front of you until you cross the line.

  • When on pit road all drivers must stay in the farthest two lanes to the right. You may not pass to the inside of pit road unless avoiding a wreck. You may not drive through more than 5 stalls total (including your own) when making a pit stop. Failure to follow these rules will result in a pass through penalty.

  • Drivers that bring out the yellow will be given an EOL penalty. Causing a second yellow will result in a pass through penalty and a third incident will result in being parked. If you are parked you will go on a one week probation. While on probation, if you are the cause of two cautions you will be parked for the race and the following race. If you have to be parked three times you will be removed from the series indefinitely.


Points System

Qualifying Points

  • 1st - 2

  • 2nd - 1

  • 3rd - 1


Race Points


  • 1st - 175

  • 2nd - 170

  • 3rd - 165

  • 4th - 160

  • 5th - 155

  • 6th - 150

  • 7th - 146

  • 8th - 142

  • 9th - 138

  • 10th - 134

  • 11th - 130

(-3 per position from this point back)


Bonus Points


  • Lead A Lap - 5

  • Most Laps Led - 5

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