Kickin' Asphalt Invitational Series

Official rulebook

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Setup: iRacing default track setup

Fuel Load: 100%

Fast Repairs: None. Drivers must learn to take care of their vehicles throughout the race and throughout the course of fuel runs. Damage your vehicle and you may suffer the remainder of the race.



Rules are subject to the Admins discretion and may be amended at any point in time if the situation arises.


Microphones are mandatory within the iRacing software platform for race communication.


During green flag race conditions keep chatter limited to racing related conditions.


It would be advisable to call pitting on backstretch prior to pit entrance. Failure to do so and causing a caution or accident will result in a black flag drive thru penalty.


Starts and restarts will occur when the green flag is displayed by the iRacing Software. This is due to no definitive start/restart zone in iRacing.


The leader has a choice of inside or outside lane on any start or restart during the race. However if the leader chooses the outside lane he must communicate his intention prior to one to go.


No changing lanes before the start/finish line. Changing lanes before the start/finish line will result in a drive thru penalty. Black flags for jumped restarts will NOT be cleared by officials.


No 3 wide until the flat of the back stretch.


When entering the pits stay to the right, you may pass through 2 pit stalls entering and exiting your stall.


When exiting pit road, you must stay below the yellow line and merge properly on the backstretch, violations will result in an iRacing black flag.


When cautions are displayed safely reduce speed and catch up to the pace car and follow any admin directions. Please no race chatter until the field has caught up to the pace car. This is to ensure the admins directions are heard by all participants.


The “No Push” Rule of pushing a vehicle that cannot move under its own power is in affect at all times, no exceptions. This also applies to vehicles that are out of fuel.


If you cause two cautions, please park it.


OWN IT RULE: If a caution comes out, an admin will ask if anyone would like to claim the caution. If no one claims the caution, the race admins will review each incident and if you are found to have caused a caution and do not claim it a penalty in the next race may be assessed.


Slower traffic will stay high if unable to maintain race pace.


No arguments during racing, take it up with the driver or an admin post-race.


There will be no private messaging admins using profanity or questioning calls, calls will be verified by multiple admins. NO profanity filled rants; any driver will be removed from the race for this. Repeat offenses may include suspension or removal.


If the need arises where you need to contact a series admin you may do so immediately after the race in Teamspeak or you may contact an Admin afterwards in iRacing messages and your concern will be addressed as soon as administratively possible.


Series Admins:

Dave Acacia

John Henderson

Jeff Gilmore

All decisions and reviews by Admins will be final.



We are here to have fun. Race others with respect. Race others as you wish to be raced and we shall have a fantastic season






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