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1. Admin cautions will only be thrown for wrecks in and around the top 10.

2. Extremely aggressive or reckless moves within the first 5-10 laps are subject to penalty. These races are approx. 1 Hour of green flag conditions, you have plenty of time to pass your competitors cleanly.

3. DO NOT PULL BACK UP INTO TRAFFIC. – Since there are limited yellows you must be EXTREMLY cautious when rejoining the track after an incident.

4. Drivers who consistently wreck more than once per race will be forced to participate in practice sessions. These cars are NOT EASY.

5. Pit road rules are enforced with some leniency

6. 1 Fast repair will be available per race.

7. Tire limits are decided on a week to week basis depending on wear and race length

8. Fuel Load will always be modified to force at least 1 green flag stop.

9. LAPPED CARS MUST YEILD TO LEADERS, unless the leaders have not yet pitted.

10. Intentional Wrecking warrants a permanent ban from all Sim-Helper events.


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