The NASCAR Hour Scrambler Series

Official rulebook

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Lucky Dog and Wave Arounds are on for lap down cars

Cautions dictated by iRacing

Incident Limit is 30x for DQ

The initial start of the race will be on the green flag thrown by iRacing, a jumped INITIAL start will be an EOL

Restarts after the INITIAL start of the race will be dictated by the leader's discretion

Double File restarts

No lane changes before the start/finish line unless it's in avoidance of a wreck, this penalty will be an EOL

Drivers must stay furthest to the right on pit lane and drive through no more than 7 pit stalls including their own (3 in, 3 out)

An intentional wreck will result in a disqualification


Bonus Points

Lap Led - 2

Most Laps Led - 2

0x - 1



1st - 40

2nd - 35

3rd - 34

4th - 33

5th - 32





36th - 1

37th - 1

38th - 1

39th - 1

40th - 1


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